Nortek Nucleus 1000 Implementation & Integration

Hi everyone

Nortek have recently finalised and published our BlueOS extension for the Nucleus1000 DVL, making it available via the extensions list within BlueOS. The driver for our BlueOS extension can be found here:

In addition, we have published a physical integration guide that leads you step by step through the mounting, which you can find here:

We will continue to keep an eye on conversations that are posted on the BlueRobotics community, but if anyone has specific support requests, please feel free to get in touch with us directly at :grinning:

We also have an FAQ section which we constantly update with new topics regarding all things DVL:



Hi @RoryF_Nortek, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

It’s always exciting when there are more tools available for people to use, and especially so when there are clear guidelines on how to integrate them. Thanks for sharing!

To anyone interested, there’s a DVL comparison table in this comment, which I recently updated to include the Nucleus1000.

One thing I’m curious about - as I understand it one of its relatively unique features is current profiling. Is your BlueOS Extension set up to log that data as it goes, or does it “just” handle the velocity/position → MAVLink conversion for now to allow vehicle position estimation?

Hi @EliotBR !

In addition to the velocity/position MAVlink conversion, the Nucleus logs all data to its internal SD card as you go. This means the ADCP (current profile) data will be stored for download either remotely or after the deployment via the Nucleus software, or the terminal window.

The same is true of all of its additional outputs - water track, pressure, temperature, altitude (from the vertical beam), and AHRS/IMU. All the user needs to do is configure these to be collected in the Nucleus software or via commands.

In the future we are hoping to allow logging through the extension display, as well as external locations too, so we encourage potential users to let us know where and how they might like to do this!

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Hello Rory,

It is great to see Nortek on the forum.

Is there any chance of getting a real time display of the current velocity in future developments (in the first bin for example)?


Hey @RoryF_Nortek :slight_smile:

This is Farhang from Caretta Robotics Cyprus. Awesome to see that you have implemented this. We also have developed BlueOS extension for Nortek DVL1000 in our company. Seems handy.

Glad to see that Nortek is on Github now! :smiley:

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@farhang have you considered sharing this publicly? We have documentation on how to make an extension available through the BlueOS store, and more device integrations are always welcome :slight_smile:

To anyone who might be wondering, Nortek’s older DVL1000 and their new Nucleus1000 are different products. There are product links and a comparison of their major features in the spreadsheet linked to from my DVL comparisons comment.

Hi Eloi

We can certainly look into getting this implemented in the future, right now most additional features are being added via the Nortek Nucleus software itself, so I’d suggest downloading this and having a play with the built in demo dataset.

You can download it via MS Store or use this online browser:

Having said that, long term we want to add as many features as possible into the BlueOS extension, and ADCP is on the list!


Regarding this we are in contact directly with Rustom, Eliot. Hopefully, we come to a conclusion soon.

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