New camera tilt controls: can we revert to old system?

I recently updated the BlueROV 2 with the low light camera and heavy lift, as well as updating to the latest software/firmware.

While I’m really happy with almost everything, one change I do not like is the new camera tilt controls. I much preferred the tilt only occuring when I was holding the buttons down. Now the buttons only select a tilt speed. This makes it very difficult to know when a) the camera is stopped and b) adjust the angle accurately and rapidly.

Is it possible to revert to the older control patterns of holding the buttons to have tilt? I can’t seem to find an option to do so under the Groundcontrol settings.

Hi Vincent, the tilt function should be very much like the previous function. Before it tilted only in increments, now it will move smoothly at a constant rate, but still only when the button is held down.

Please make sure that you are using our latest version of QGC and try playing with the ‘mount tilt speed’ slider at the top of the camera page.

Hey Jacob,

I have the latest QGC (3,2,4 rev4) but I don’t see a mount tilt speed slider at the top of the camera page.

Could it be an interaction with the heavy lift update setup?

I’ve also noticed that the mount_center control doesn’t work

Can you please verify your firmware version in Vehicle Setup (Gears Icon)->Summary->Frame->Firmware Version?

The latest is 3.5.2. If this is not what you see, you will need to update the firmware at

Please contact if you continue to have trouble with this.

hey Jake I have version 3.5.1

How do I update the firmware? Is it separate to the companion update?

Never mind, I’ve figured out how to upload it.

Now have firmware 3.5.2 and it has fixed the problem, camera tilt works as it should have! Thanks for your help.