Motor configuration

Hi guys I am pretty new to this environment and have at question that might my have a easy answer . Here we go, see both picture attached and let me know what the real difference is - one has all motors pointing up and the other Motor 5 is pointing sideways .The picture with all motors pointing up is from video see below

Do I need to modify the code to achieve what is on the video

I just what to build a simple sub like that and any help will be deeply appreciated .


well any response will be nice . Thanks

I found a good picture of that I am trying to achieve without the 6 Motor. I still need help setting up the custom file to make the drone operate properly in the water . Any help will be highly appreciated . Thanks

Hi @Spinorose, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

As you’ve found, the existing BlueROV1 frame that’s built into ArduSub should be sufficient for the vehicle design you’ve shown - you can just not assign an output to motor 6 to avoid using it.

Since the frame is already present you should be able to use an existing ArduSub version and just select the desired frame, either in QGroundControl or directly using the FRAME_CONFIG parameter.

Feel free to follow up if you have further questions :slight_smile:

So basically I lose my lateral movement - My only concern was having to do some more software changes if I disabled motor 6. Thanks for the the heads up and all the help.

You can’t “lose” something you never had - if the vehicle frame does not have any thrusters with lateral thrust contributions then it doesn’t make sense to try to command it to move directly laterally - moving sideways from the current orientation would require some form of turn/rotation first.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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