Frame in ardusub

Hi,when i want to develop a new motor configurations,i raed the ardusub code.I find a frame named VECTORED_6DOF_90DEG.So i am very curius about that.
Can you tell me how are the motors of this frame arranged?

Hi @octopus,

It’s possible to determine a the motor arrangement using the thrust factors in the table so let’s do so:

  • In this case all the numbers have magnitude either 1 or 0, so the thrusters must be symmetric / at equal angles.
  • Motors 1, 3, 6, and 8 are facing upwards (they have vertical but no horizontal components), but also have roll and pitch components so they are at the corners rather than being stacked vertically in the middle
    • This is like the vertical motors in the BlueROV2 Heavy configuration
  • Motors 2 and 7 have only yaw and forwards contributions, so will be oriented along the horizontal plane, and spaced out towards the sides and facing either directly forwards or tilted slightly inwards or outwards from the central travel line of the vehicle
  • Motors 4 and 5 have only lateral contributions, with no yaw, so will be in the horizontal plane and collinear with each other and pointing at the centre of the vehicle

This is roughly equivalent to a BlueROV2 Heavy configuration but with the horizontal motors oriented at 90 degree angles relative to the vehicle, rather than being tilted. On a drawing it could look something like