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Ardusub Build for New motor configuration



I have been trying to build Ardusub code for a 5 thruster custom configuration. I did the following steps to attain a build(after a lot of tries).

  1. I edited AP_Motors6DOF.cpp to add my custom configuration as instructed in this link.

2)Edited the parameters.cpp in ArduSub folder in Ardupilot code folder.

AP_Motors6DOF::SUB_FRAME_xxxxxx was initially named Vectored or something.
I changed it to SUB_FRAME_CUSTOM.
I did this because I wanted my frame configuration to be loaded on boot(I don’t know if its the right thing to do to attain that)

3)I went to QGC and didn’t see any Custom configuration graphically. Is there something wrong in that.

4)Do I need to reload the parameters of BlueROV2 again since I edited the parameters.cpp?

5)Will I miss any feature of BlueROV2 apart from Degree of Freedom?

Can somebody validate the steps?

(Jacob) #2

You have just changed the default setting for the frame selection. We do not display custom frame in qgc to not confuse normal users. You can verify the FRAME_CONFIG parameter setting in QGC parameter menu.

Everything looks ok to me. Step #2 was unnecessary, but it’s ok.


Thank you.