Lumin Subsea Light for ROV IS NOT WTAER PROOF and Dome End Cap is Cracked

Hi Rusty,

The lights I bought from this site are spoiled, it cannot be switched on now and I found that water went inside! It is not water proof at all. I open up the lights, the circuit is fried and filled with water.
When I carefully push in the dome end cap into canister, it cracks. I do this action with bare hand only. I have 2 dome end caps both have the same problem!

Hi Yang,

This is definitely some serious damage! I’m sure we can figure out the issues and get everything replaced and working for you again. Can you provide a little more information about what happened?

  1. Was this on a BlueROV2 or on other vehicle?

  2. What depth did the lights leak at?

  3. Do you see any holes, nicks, or slashes in the jacket of the light cables? How was the opposite end of the cable terminated?

  4. You said the domes were cracked by pushing on them. Where did you push?

If you would prefer, we can also talk about this through email at We want to get this resolved for you soon.


Hi Rusty,

  1. No, we put attach canister and Lumin Subsea light to another ROV which is a similar design of the BlueROV2

  2. The light only went to a depth of 1.5m, there are no cracks or damaged found at the outer casing. I follow the sealing steps then attached it on the ROV, it is only unbox for not more than 3months.

  3. There are no holes or any other damaged at all. The other end is connected in the circuit which is inside the canister.

  4. I follow the steps as mentioned and attach the domes by pushing the black color aluminum then attached with the screws.

To be honest, I had purchased most of my ROV parts from this site, other than some of the electronics. I had spent lots of money in this ROV already! I do have a high expectation for the items’ quality, please do not disappoint me.

Best Regrads

Hi Yang,

Okay, thanks for the details. We would be happy to investigate further and get this all fixed for you as soon as possible. Can you please send and email to and I’ll give you further instructions?

I apologize but I can assure you that we stand behind our products and will get this resolved.