LUMEN Light drowned

I was surprised to see that that the LUMEN LED got water inside after a dive to 30meters today.
Checked the bolts and they were all OK. Anyone else experienced this ?

Hi Oystein,

That’s no good! Send us an email at and we’ll get this sorted.


yess first time in use for about 11 meters ;(

Hi Frank,

Have you already contacted us regarding this issue? If not, please email us at!



I had a similar issue after taking our surface vehicle to the sea for the first time. Water leaked from the frontal part of the Lumen Light into the electronics. The light was instaled in a 1m mast so it did not went too deep. The light enclosure was not manipulated at any point before taking it into the water.

The Lumen light briefly blinks when connected to a power supply, but then, when connecting the yellow wire to the power (as suggested in the guide) nothing happens. It remains off. Same thing happens when I try to send a PWM through the yellow wire, there is no response. I wanted to check continuity of the yellow wire but I am not sure if I should open the enclosure.

Should I open it and see if I can figure out a solution? If yes, what steps should I follow to open it?

Have a nice day!

EDIT: Upon further inspection I just realized that there are cracks in 3 of the 4 holes on the protective transparent cover and that might be the reason it was not properly sealed.

HI @Alex_UJI1,

Sorry to hear you’ve had a leak in your Lumen.

Please email, and include a link to this thread, as well as your order number / order date (if possible). They can try to help determine what caused the issue, and may be able to provide a replacement or refund if it’s relevant to do so.

Reporting via the support email is also helpful for our internal error tracking, which allows us to determine what kinds of failures are occurring for our products, and their rates and reasons of occurrence, so we can try to track down quality issues as well as make design improvements for future products :slight_smile: