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Lights showing water ingress

(Kaos) #1

Hi Team, i seem to see moisture on the inside of the lenses on the lights. Is there a certain procedure to open and service the lights? I have never opened the lights since installing them so feel that a seal may be failing and would like to solve the water ingress issue before i have a complete failure.
Thanks, Dougie

(Roy Petter Dyrdahl Torgersen) #2

Hi @kaosrulz, in the docs you can read about the procedure for daisy-chaining the lights:


Obviously, checking o-rings and such is the same process, and pretty straightforward as which every Blue Robotics product. I’d recommend you check the cable. So far we’ve found that the cable is the part that is most prone to failure.

(Kaos) #3

Thanks @roy will check cable n seal

(Richard) #4

We also had a couple of units that had small leaks - we found a tiny bit of dried glue residue on the rear o-ring, overspill from where they glue the board onto the rear plug.

(Jacob) #5

Hi @richard-rickett and @kaosrulz, please contact support@bluerobotics.com if you have any issues with the lights leaking, and we can send you replacements.

(Richard) #6

Hi @jwalser
Thanks, but I found the hardened bits of glue on the o-ring when I was re-programming the lights, so fixed it before they got wet. Appreciate the offer though.