Lumen circuits kinda warm after water damage

Hi guys,

I had a good few dives now since building my ROV and it’s been fun, but unfortunately the connecting cable between my two lumen lights got damaged (my fault). I thought I’d managed to remedy the situation but a small leak clearly persisted and the first light began to flicker and became difficult to turn off with the controller. The second lumen appeared to work fine but ran much hotter that the 1st lumen in the chain.

Disassembled both and the first light had a small amount of sea water in its enclosure (unsurprisingly) the 2nd light was bone dry.

I have let the circuit on the 1st light dry out and it now seems functionally fine but just concerned as circuit boards from both lights seemed fairly warm after testing for just 15 seconds. Is this normal?

Im replacing the water damaged light but was wondering whether I would need to replace the other one too (the one that wasn’t flooded) - any thoughts?

Any guidance is much appreciated :slight_smile:



Hi @Russ,

In general,

Salt water is corrosive, so if the electronics haven’t been cleaned off then it’s very likely they’ll have issues in future.

If it’s misbehaving then either it has had some form of leak too (possibly via the cable), or the cable itself is corroding. The best course of action depends on the state of the cable and the components :slight_smile:

Cheers Eliot,

Good tip regarding cleaning the electrics with isopropyl. I think I’ll give that a go, rebuild and test and keep as a spare.

Hard to know the extent of any damage to the components I guess.

I’ll see how the other light behaves once it’s linked to the new light with new cables.

Many thanks,


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