Repair or Replace Lumen Lights after Cable Damage / Leak

Hello! On a recent dive under current (it was fun?), one of my lumen cables got knocked into a prop. It was cut, and water flooded at least one light. It went out (and currently overheats if we power the BlueROV2 back on). A second light flickered for some time, and then went out. Currently, when we power the unit on, one light overheats but does not turn on, and the other three lights do not turn on.

We are puzzling through a repair and I am wondering

  1. I know I need to replace at least one light. Do I need to replace a pair? Or all four?
  2. If I only need to replace one, should I replace cabling for the other lights?

Yeah, it was a hectic situation. I have learned much about piloting a BlueROV2 in the Boston Harbor in the last week.

Hi @jebyrnes, sounds like something of a a wild dive…

If the other lights are still working then it doesn’t seem likely they need to be replaced, although it’s probably worth checking that they haven’t also had leakage/corrosion.

I brought this up internally and was told you’re also in contact with our support team directly, so I assume you’ve received similar information there. For posterity I’ll note that it might be sufficient to replace just the LED and driver in the light that leaked, along with any cables that are confirmed damaged, with a check to make sure the other connected cable (if there is one) isn’t corroding at the contacts.

My colleagues used our BlueROV2 (heavy configuration) in their last expedition and they had some trouble with one of the Lumen lights. After a flight, one of the lights was missing a screw in the front (maybe after an impact, but not sure…). After that, the four lights were not working anymore.

I suppose that the damaged light was flooded, and since they are all connected, maybe that’s why all of them don’t work. On startup, two of them still turn on, but when I try to switch them on with the controller, none of them turn on.

Should I replace them with a whole new set of 4?
Or can I replace just one (or two) of them? If yes, what should I replace and how to troubleshoot?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @katlea,

Apologies for the delay on responding to this.

I’ve moved your post here because it’s on the same topic. It shouldn’t be required to replace the full set, although you’ll need to make sure any lights you don’t replace do not have water in them, and the cables between them are not corroded.