Lights and Connector

Hi everyone, I was working on the ROV regarding the pre-connected set of 4 lumen underwater lights. I was rewiring the cable to be able to put a 3 pin connector on it since we are trying to have an interchangeable ROV for the components and to be able to move better in maintenance . I get to the point after I cut the cable and soldered the wires into the connector I did a test to see if the lights worked but only one turns on without the possibility of controlling the brightness and if I turn it on and off instead the other three remain off . For those who were wondering, our configuration is a classic one with the lights in port 7 and the camera in port 8. I don’t know what to do, I will accept any advice, I hope many of you reply
Thank you
Ribecca Mario

Hi @ribemario, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It’s difficult to provide much advice without knowing more about the connections you’ve made.

As a few questions for clarification:

  1. Did you test the lights before attempting to solder on a connector?
  2. Have you performed continuity checks between the wire ends (to ensure the soldering was successful), and between the pairs of wires (to ensure you haven’t accidentally created any shorts)?
  3. Are you sure you’re connecting the correct signals/voltages to the relevant wires?

It may also help to provide pictures of how the wires are now, and what they’re connected to.

You mentioned having a pre-connected set of 4 Lumens, but this sounds like there might be connectivity issues between the first and second lights in the chain. Did you only modify the penetrator end of the cable, or have you also made changes to the cables going between the lights?