Help post leak/flood

I took the ROV out for our summer maiden checkoffs. We had a water leak from a faulty seal. We shut it all down and let it dry for a week. today I was running checks to see what we messed up. Seems everything is working and connecting, but the lights are turning on and flickering by them selves at random power and times. any ideas? Do i need to replace the leak detector ?

Hi @AmphibPS,

I’ve just responded to a similar post here - I’d suggest you read that response :slight_smile:

Most likely you’ve having corrosion issues, and the lights (and possibly other electronics, depending on the leak) may need to be cleaned and/or partially or fully replaced.

If the probes got wet then they likely need to be replaced. If the detector itself got wet then it may also need to be replaced, but it may be sufficient to clean it. Same applies for any other electronics that got wet.

That said, the leak detector should be unrelated to the lights flickering.

Wow do I go about cleaning them.

Something like this may be useful: