Best practices after leak

Hello everyone,

We were at the sea, there was a leak and we pulled the ROV out of the water as soon as the leak sensor detected the water, so only a few drops entered into the cylinder and definetly not enough to wet any of the electronics. But what should I do next? I already removed the water, I am working on detecting the leak source but what about the humidity, corrosion or other things that may harm the electronics? Should I clean something, the penetrators, the O-rings?

What do you think are some best practices to follow after a leak in the electronics enclosure?

Have a nice day

Hi @Alex_UJI1, sorry to hear you had a leak.

Given the electronics didn’t get wet, the main things would be to clean off any salt residue on the flange and the inside of the enclosure, and also clean and re-lubricate the flange o-rings, and check them for scratches or cracks (in which case they need to be replaced).

If you’re using desiccant to keep humidity low you should check the bag to see if it’s “used up” in which case it should be refreshed or replaced.

If you’re removing any penetrators while checking for / fixing the leak, make sure to wipe them down, and clean and lubricate their o-rings before re-installing them.

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