Newton Grippers not working

Hello, I have 2 grippers that used to work fine, but suddenly stopped working. One of them makes a “bip” when the PWM signal for open/close is set, but it does not move at all. The second one does not move nor makes any noise when the PWM signal is set. Any idea on what happened? or what I can make to test or fix the issues?


I’ve seen the Gripper get ‘locked’. When this happens, I take it apart and usually find a small screw that holds the motor in place loose. Then power it up and operate the motor in both directions. I then put it back together making sure the gripper is partially open when completely re-assembled.

Hello, thanks for your response.

I have disassembled the motor and the two screws supposed to hold the motor were missing! That explains why it worked fine the first two-three times and suddenly stopped working. The problem now is that the motor is not working, maybe it got stuck and now it is burned?

Hi @JosueGlz,

I’d recommend you contact and link them to this thread, to sort out what’s going wrong with your gripper, and how the issue can be fixed :slight_smile:

Thanks @k-deboer for the helpful initial suggestions :slight_smile:

Thanks Eliot, I will write to support.