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Newton Gripper Stuck Fully Opened

Hello Bluerobotics Friends,

I have a fleet of five BlueROV2’s. What can I say, I love them. Each of them has a Newton Subsea Gripper. On four of them, the claw is stuck in the fully open position.

When I try to actuate it, no noise. Totally silent. I’m sure it’s me. lol. Any ideas what I can try to get them working again ?

Hi @jfilion,
You can unscrew the two gripper housing halves and check to see if anything is broken.

If everything is intact, you can try the gripper on a service tester to verify electronic functionality.

If you still get no response, send us an email at support@bluerobotics.com and we can work through it or begin the RMA process if a defect is determined. Please include your order number if you do so.