Gripper stopped working

Hi, I write from Italy, last month (June 3) I bought your newton subsea gripper, after mounting it as per your instructions I tested the rov, first on the surface and then underwater, but after a few times it stopped work. I checked the internet there is no trace of water, so I think the gripper’s engine has had problems. How can I verify the problem, and also has a guarantee since the gripper is only one month old and has worked very few times? thank you

Hi @Alex-sanders, please contact for help troubleshooting and getting a replacement.

I am writing from Italy, last month I bought your Newton Gripper (Intec- Spadro Alessandro -Italy) and after having assembled it and correctly configured it as per your instructions, I first tested it on the surface and then under water without problems. But after only the second test the Manipulator was blocked during the closing phase and it is no longer open. I disassembled it and verified that it’s all right and there are no traces of water or humidity and so I know what happened. How can I solve? is it by chance a block that you can intervene via software? in case it is damaged, does the Manipulator have a guarantee since it has only been used twice? thank you


I have the same situation, two-three days ago I setup the gripper and everything was working fine but today I had a check for tomorrow dive and the gripper is dead. Is any known issue about the gripper? What I have to check? (I am running the last version of Ardusub (see older topic when I was trying to setup the gripper).


Hi @nmau,

We do not currently know of any widespread issues with the gripper.

Does your gripper make any sound when you try to open or close it? Is it stuck fully open or fully closed?


I have no noise. It is dead at all. I had the same behavior before upgrade Ardusub. May you suggest what to check. I am thinking to test the gripper using an Arduino system that I have on my desk, is that possible?


Yes, it is possible to test the gripper with an Arduino. I’ve included a sample sketch that will try to open and close the gripper repeatedly.

Attach the gripper’s yellow wire to Arduino pin 10 (or whatever you change GRIPPER_PWM_PIN to) and apply power as usual to the red and black wires. You will need to connect the gripper’s ground (black) wire to one of the Arduino’s GND pins to get a consistent signal. Below is an illustration of the setup; replace the servo with the gripper and the power supply with any 9~18 volt power supply.

Arduino microcontrollers have a 5V DC PWM Output. This is listed as “operating voltage” on the specification table. If using the Newton Subsea Gripper with an Arduino, you will need a Logic Level Converter.

Gripper Test Sketch:

#include "Servo.h"

#define GRIPPER_PWM_PIN   10    // Gripper PWM output pin
#define OPEN_TIME         5.0   // Gripper open time (seconds)
#define CLOSE_TIME        5.0   // Gripper close time (seconds)

#define OPEN_PWM_US       1100  // Gripper open PWM output (us)
#define CLOSE_PWM_US      1900  // Gripper close PWM output (us)

Servo gripper;

void setup() {
  // Attach gripper to proper pin


void loop() {
  // Open the gripper

  // Let the gripper open up (microseconds)

  // Close the gripper

  // Let the gripper close for a while (microseconds)
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I have tried your code in an arduino uno and the gripper worked fine. I plug the gripper to BR2 and it worked fine!!! The only thing I can think is the yellow cable (signal wire) wasn’t firm enough. I will let you know if the problem come back (I hope not).

Thank you again,

My gripper also stoppe working on the first test. It open and closed fine above water and on the first test, but after a while it was stuck an would really do anything. Then i took it up wiggled a bit with the claw and then i worked again for a couple of times, but then it stopped working completely. So now i can only hear the gripper motor run but nothing happends?


I have had three grippers that just stopped working now. No life at all. One the engine was burnt. The two other ones I havent been able to figure out what the problem is.
But it’s the same with both. They are completely stuck in open position.

None of the grippers have been used very much. Do you have any idea what it could be?

Same thing with mine, open and closed twice and then died. Never being in the water.
Interested to know if you have found out the what’s wrong and when version2 is to be expected.

@geromat Would you mind unscrewing the two halves of your gripper and seeing if anything is broken inside? The early grippers from June/July 2018 had a black bumper and lead screw coupler that got revised.

(ignore the red circles, but these parts should be intact)

We are in trouble.
The black plastic part broke.
Do you sell replacement parts?

They do, send an email to Also, to save a little back and forth, take a photo of the exact part you need and circle it in paint or whatever just to make sure it’s really clear what exactly you need. Don’t assume anything comes with anything, so be very descriptive in describing everything you need.

Thank you
This is the broken part.

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@jxtahara Please send us an e-mail to and we can get you a new black bumper and have you inspect your lead screw. Please include your original order number and reference this forum post.