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The Newton Subsea Gripper is BACK!

Hi friends!

We are super stoked to announce that the Newton Subsea Gripper is BACK IN STOCK! We hope you enjoy the following re-release sizzle - we certainly had fun dreaming this one up and bringing it to life :slight_smile:


Great timing! I was just about to make a post asking when the new version would expected to be available since I have been waiting to get one since I got my ROV last summer.

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Also, Is this one the new revision or is it just the original one back in stock? I have been waiting for the advertised ‘revision coming soon’ and saw the “updated” tag on the product page but the description doesn’t mention what is different about this one.

I already ordered mine and mostly just want to know for curiosity’s sake.

Hi @btrue! Glad the timing works out :slight_smile:

It is an update! The revisions are just improvements to firmware and electronics for increased reliability. The only difference in functionality is that the jaws do not open quite as much as they used to, down from 70cm to 62cm.

Congrats! And that video is about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

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I am proud, I really would like to know what improvements has happened on the firmware, does it detects stall earlier to prevent motor coil damage. also what mechanical re-designs has occurred to be more reliable, I am guessing the lead nut material has changed with longer length to handle the torque without damaging the thread and this is why the jaw don’t open as much now. and I am sure the engineers have made grove in the lower frame for the upper O-ring to sit tight and prevent leakage.

can’t wait to receive mine.

Hi @Youssefattia_98!

We’re stoked you’re excited to receive one! The improvements were focused on issues relating to premature motor failure. We made adjustments to the electronics and firmware to more quickly and reliably detect stall. The reduced travel is due to the addition of a rubber bumper to soften the opening end stop, which helps to protect the mechanical components. We didn’t have any lead nut failures in our testing so these improvements also appear to have a beneficial impact on the reliability of the lead nut. :slight_smile: