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Larger jaws for the Newton Subsea Gripper

Our soon to be available Large Aluminum Jaws for the Newton Subsea Gripper. A size comparison of the Aluminum jaws (left) vs standard jaws (right) can be seen in the below photo. They are machined from 6061 Aluminum and hard anodized. They incorporate precision flange bushing inserts to reduce friction. We have worked closely with Blue Link, and several SAR agencies on the development and our first production batch just came in from anodizing. Though designed primarily for search and recovery applications, they can be used anywhere slightly larger or stronger jaws are required. The first sets will be available for purchase through www.blue-linked.com soon.


nicely done.

how about 3 finger jaws?

In a smaller jaw, a 3 or 4 finger intermeshing design would work well. Because our jaws are longer, and maximum opening is the goal, there was not enough length of stroke. If we were to change the nose block, we could get the range of motion but the grab force would be greatly diminished.

And another couple photos of the jaws installed on a Newton. They have been working great for demos.


Working with SAR is a Job for someone, not every body, have psycological help awailable, you Never know What meeets you, Crabs love us(the rest CAN you imagine) and SAR Diver nr 1 rule, Never look in their eyes!!! Cant say this enough times, you Will Never forget, and IT Will come in your sleep, Its aSerious thing.
Theory a d practical doinbg is way different, and dobt be shy, keep humor up until the extreme, it helps, and Never have family close by, it dont do Anyone good! , my last i spoke to them and wil never do again, you loose focus and IT gets personal… Dont do… Its a Object (the person isnt there anymoore!!!) … Please think that way and you Will be ok.

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It is not a job for the faint of heart. Hopefully, these jaws will make the actual grab i bit easier.

Thank you for your insights.

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I hope the revision of the Newton Subsea Gripper is released soon so we can try it with these nice jaws.

The large, aluminum jaws are in stock! Only have 9 sets left. They can be purchased at the link below or you can contact me directly at jeff@blue-linked.com.
These jaws fit the Blue Robotics Newton Gripper and include (3) aluminum mounting screws. The jaws have an fully open width of about 125mm (5 inches).
(Please keep in mind that these jaws will have a slightly reduced closing force at the tip due to the length of the jaws.)

A unique feature of these jaws is the M5 threaded holes on each the outer and inner jaws. These holes were included primarily for two reasons:

  1. The user could use a blunt or sharpened M5 screw threaded all the way through the hole(s) to provide additional grip on an object.
  2. The user could use the M5 holes to mount other ideas to the gripper jaws which could include scientific samplers, sensors, cameras, etc.