Newton Gripper Mounting

I really dont like the position they got me to mount it on. Cannot “grab” stuff on the bottom since the rov is flat and the gripper is not going downwards in any way.

The alternative is to get the full kit with 2 more thrusters, oooor anyone thought about designing a 3d printable part to change the claws? To something more scoop friendly? Or something to attach to the regulare claws?

I’m not that good of a designer but I think it should be possible?

I really dont want to mount it underneath or on the sides. Underneat i dont want because it will scratch on rocks and take a lot of hits when going down. And side is too far out for the camera to properly navigate :slight_smile:

Any tips? Or STL files for me to print? :smiley: hehe

Hi Thorleif

This how i did to make the gripper pick objects from the bottom.
A simple piece of aluminium
// Bo


Now that is what i consider sexy. Thanks for the idea! Gonna do this myself :smiley:

Clean and simple. … nice one.