Gripper position


during last dive I tried to catch a small bottle of water with Newton gripper and I didn’t succeed it! My biggest problem was that the gripper’s position is in a angle with the main body of BR2 and when you move forward the gripper is going forward-and- right. I don’t if I need more practice but I think I will try a small mod. I have four cut four legs 4cmX5,5cm for BR2, so I will have enough room so as to put the gripper under the battery housing and front of the camera. In this way any movement of BR2 will equal movement for the gripper too. Any thoughts/suggestions/comments before start drilling?

BONUS benefit: BR2 will be more balanced too!

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hello i have just aded the griper under my skid like yours without the extra plastic. no i can take thing from bottom without problem :wink: