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Gripper moving with camera tilt

I think I have it set up correctly, the gripper opens and closes with the bumper buttons.
However, when I tilt the camera up and down ((xbox button plus bumper buttons), the gripper
opens and closes also.
Got any ideas?

Can you send a screenshot of your joystick settings?

Dan, Etienne,

Solved the gripper moving with the

camera problem.

The xbox button on my xbox controller

hangs up a bit while pushing, so the

bumper button is getting pushed first.

When this happens they both move.

Thought it was kind of inconsistent.

I would really like to get these buttons

away from eachother -If I have something

in the manipulator

(crime scene evidence or whatever), and

I look up to see something the jaws may open.

Huge problem.

-shame the trigger buttons can’t be used.

I have one other comment.

When I’m recording video using the menu

under the compass (video stream),

When I go back to ‘values’ to see my depth,

it would be MUCH BETTER to see that

I’m still recording -very worrysome to not

know. This is probably a QGround Control

thing and not a BR thing, but just asking.

I would still be interested in a box of broken

manipulator parts. Any chance?

Thanks for your help now and in the past,

You guys are great.

Keith Pearson