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Problem with Newton Gripper

Hello! We are from Stockbridge, Michigan. Just recently we have purchased a BlueROV2 and Newton Gripper. When setting up QGroundControl we got all the controls to work properly except for the gripper. So far we are using two of the buttons for the “servo_3_min_momentary” and “servo_3_max_momentary” functions to run the gripper, two buttons to run the lights, and two buttons for the “mount_tilt_down” and “mount_tilt_up” functions. We are also pugged into AUX 3, but nothing seems to work.
Any advice?

Hi @br2500,

Here are my recommendations:

  1. Re-verify your wiring. If the signal wire is plugged in upside down, it won’t work.
  2. Make sure your software and firmware are updated.
  3. Re-verify your button presses are correct. If you are using an Xbox One controller, the buttons are numbered differently from the Logitech F310.

If none of that works, then test the gripper with a servo tester.

…just an advise for the Gripper… it has a tendency to get loose in the "connecting " part…so ill allways tighten it up before diving!..i was Luuucky one day when i felt it…:wink:

My Gripper suddenly stopped working, has this happened for anyone else?