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Gripper installation

(Nikos Maurommatis) #1

Hi everybody,

I am trying to install my new gripper but I have no action to the gripper at all. I have installed it using the instructions. I have tried the channel 1 and 3 and the buttons of the joystick 9 and 10 with and without shift function. I have checked that I have 15v to the power terminals…

Have you any idea what to try? Everything else is working like charm.

Thank you in advance!

(TCIII) #2


I assume:

The yellow wire on the servo cable is plugged into either the bottom pin of aux servo channels 1 or 3

You have setup the following button functions:
servo_X_max_momentary (open while pressed)
servo_X_min_momentary (close while pressed)
where X is either 1 or 3

Did you try using your controller bumper buttons to control the gripper like BR did?


(Nikos Maurommatis) #3


Yellow wire: ok

Buttons prameters: ok

I used buttons 9 and 10 on Logitech

Which are the bumper buttons?


(Kaos) #4

I have just installed the gripper as well per instructions and got it to work twice before it stopped working. Didn’t get a chance to reboot the rov n software to see if it would start functoning again. Will try again today. Qgc is 3.2.4 rev 6

(TCIII) #5


Link to Xbox controller buttons

(Kaos) #6

@tciii That link seems to be broken.
In my case, i got it to work but then it stopped. Same buttons, n no changes in between.

(Kevin) #7

Hi guys, sorry you’re having some issues here.

First, I’d like to verify you have the most up-to-date firmware loaded: ArduSub 3.5.3.

Make sure that your button presses correlate to the correct action you want.

After that, please check that you are using the “servo_X_min/max_momentary” and not the other servo settings (min/max or min/max_toggle).

Please post a screenshot of your button settings if possible.

(TCIII) #8




(Nikos Maurommatis) #9

Everything is working fine now, after the ArduSub update. Thank you @kklemens


(Kaos) #10

yep it took ardusub update to get it going

(Kaos) #11

Thanks guys, you have turned my inspection class rov into a work class rov by fitting the Newton Gripper. Strong grip on it,so don’t be putting your fingers in to try it out.

(Nikos Maurommatis) #12


I have already put my finger in it!


(Michael) #13

Did you have to cut the head off the gripper to free yourself?

(Nikos Maurommatis) #14


not exactly, but it is surprisingly a strong gripper…