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Gripper isn’t responding

(Cameron ) #1

Hi team!

I recently (within the past four weeks) outfitted my BlueROV2 drone with the Heavy Configuration Retrofit Kit and gripper. I’m having an issue with the gripper; it’s not responding to ArduSub input. I hooked the Lumen lights up to Aux 1, the camera servo to Aux 2, and the gripper arm to Aux 3. I’m using a Logitech GamePad F310.

• I’m running QGroundControl v3.2.4-BlueRobotics-Rev6.

• I have two of the buttons for the “servo_3_min_momentary” and “servo_3_max_momentary” functions to run the gripper, two buttons to run the lights, and two buttons for the “mount_tilt_down” and “mount_tilt_up” functions.

• ArduSub: The Pixhawk Firmware flavor installed is Stable 3.5.3

• Companion Software is up to date

• I checked the voltage across the terminals with a multimeter and there’s an appropriate amount of voltage across the terminals.

• I tried the lights on Channel 11 (Aux 3) and the channel worked

I have pictures available if you want to check it out yourself.

Any suggestions on troubleshooting?



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(Jacob) #2

To get it straight, the gripper is plugged into aux3, it doesn’t work. You unplug the gripper and put the lights on aux3, not changing anything else, and they work? Are you able to adjust the brightness of the lights (as if you were trying to open and close the gripper)?

If so, there’s a problem with the gripper hardware.


(Cameron ) #3

Yes! I unplugged the gripper from Aux 3 and plugged the lights, didn’t change anything else, set the lights channel to Aux 3, and I was able to adjust the brightness of the lights. So, there’s nothing wrong with Aux 3. Since it’s a problem with the gripper hardware, what should be done? I need a functioning gripper for the project I’m using the BlueROV2 for.


(Jacob) #4

Verify the input voltage at the gripper again, and contact support@bluerobotics.com to set up a replacement.


(Eric Gosselin) #5

I recently purchased several of your Newton Subsea Grippers to use on our ROV,s I’ve been trying to get the Gripper to be controlled by an Arduino, but nothing seems to work. I used the “Gripper Test Sketch” that I copied form your help forum and the Gripper would open and close as expected. But when I modified the sketch so that I could open and close the Gripper using two switches it would simply stall for a while and then randomly open and close on it own. Using pin 10, and 11 as logic pins to control the output to pin 11. I also incorporate delay to keep the Gripper from fluctuating between opening and closing.

Eric Gosselin

See Arduino sketch below:

Any help would be greatly appreciated

#include "Servo.h"


#define GRIPPER_PWM_PIN   8    // Gripper PWM output pin

#define OPEN_TIME         5.0   // Gripper open time (seconds)

#define CLOSE_TIME        5.0   // Gripper close time (seconds)

#define BUTTON_PIN        10

#define CLOSE_PIN         11


#define OPEN_PWM_US       1100  // Gripper open PWM output (us)

#define CLOSE_PWM_US      1900  // Gripper close PWM output (us)


Servo gripper;

  // Attach gripper to proper pin


int ButtonState = 0;


void setup() {




void loop() {

  // Open the gripper

  ButtonState = digitalRead(BUTTON_PIN);

  if (ButtonState == HIGH)





  else if (ButtonState == LOW)


    // Let the gripper open up (microseconds)




  // Close the gripper


  // Let the gripper close for a while (microseconds)


(Jacob) #6

This line should be in setup().


(cyril) #7

I’m having an issue with the Newton gripper.
It is open on ignition (when first configured) but can not be controlled later.

I’m using :

-win 7 pro 64 ( i also test on win10)
-Logitech GamePad F310 or xbox 360.
-QGroundControl v3.2.4-BlueRobotics-Rev6.
-ArduSub: The Pixhawk Firmware installed is Stable 3.5.4

-I have set the buttons for the “servo_3_min_momentary” and “servo_3_max_momentary” functions to run the gripper with Shift or normal mode

-Companion Software is up to date 0.0.16
-I tried on Aux1/Aux 2/Aux 3 ( and servo corresponding in QGC)

Everything else works well, truster tilt camera, led,

Any idea on the troubleshooting?

Sorry for my english (french user)

Thanks Cyril


(Jacob) #8

It sounds like you have most things right.

  • Check the orientation of the signal connector on the gripper, make sure you are connecting it to signal pin on the pixhawk, not ground.
  • Check the voltage of the gripper supply. The gripper should be connected to 12-16V.

You may also try to plug the gripper where your camera is and see if it moves when you ‘tilt the camera’. The signals look the same for the camera servo and the gripper. You know that the camera signal is working correctly, so you can try the signal from the camera on the gripper too.


(Kaos) #9

I notice that you are using windows 7 but windows 10 is the supported system for br2. I tried win 7 ages ago n had many flaky problems but it all stopped when changed win 10. Win 10 will allow you to develop system n get good support from blue robotics.


(cyril) #10


Thank you for all your answer,

I will try to connect the gripper on the connector of the tilt camera,
This is 8 connector on the Pixhawk, That’s right ?
But why that will not work on the 3 aux channel ?
I would do the test on Win 10 only.

I’ll keep you informed

Best regards,



(Jacob) #11


It will not work on aux 3 if you make some mistake in the configuration. This is what I am checking about by asking you for the test with camera pin.


(cyril) #12

I just tested by putting the gripper on pin 8 of the Pixhawk,camera tilt, (polarity respected),
but the gripper does not work either.
My provider will give me a second gripper to test.

I wil keep you informed
Best regards


(cyril) #13

Hi team,
It’s good the new gripper works well.
The first had a defect.
Thank you again for your help.
Best regards