Newton Gripper Connection Issues


I have recently purchased a BlueROV2 and am attempting to install the newton gripper. I have followed the manual for proper connection but when I get to adjusting the joystick controls to allow for it to open and close the servo_#max_momentary and servo#_min_momentary do not appear as options.

I am assuming that is due to the electronics connection. I went through everything to double check and it appears the same as the manual states.

Please let me know if any of you have any input. Thanks a ton!

Hi @Ksitts5566, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The gripper is controlled by PWM signals, which are one-way (the vehicle has no way of knowing whether something is or isn’t connected to those output ports). If those options aren’t appearing then that’s either because your QGroundControl version is multiple years outdated (unlikely given you only recently purchased your BlueROV2), or because you’re not scrolling through the options (you may need to click and drag on some systems, or you can press ‘s’ repeatedly to scroll through the options that start with s).