Modify Newton Gripper

Hi there;

I’m on a new proyect and I need to replace the original jaw from the gripper, but in the new piece I need a larger extension of the gripper piston.

There is some way to increase the amount of piston traveling by software or parameters?


Hey Eduardo,

There were some guys doing gripper modifications here:

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Hi @Anrriu,

The gripper’s firmware has automatic motor stall detection that it uses to determine when to stop pushing or pulling while being commanded to move. It’s possible there’s some small amount of additional range beyond what’s used in the jaw design that the gripper comes with (which will be used automatically with a jaw design that allows it), but there’s no magic software change that can increase the physical length of the piston carriage installed in the gripper.

@johannv has linked to the main thread about gripper modifications - I’d recommend having a read through that to see designs that others have come up with, and/or to discuss your own ideas and requirements :slight_smile: