Gripper installation template

Im ready to install the Newton Gripper and I realized I never saw the installation template. It must have been inside the shipping tube since i never saw it.
Would anyone or Blue Robotics have one they could send me so I can print it out?

Thanks get ready for an unveiling of my build.


Hi Heinz,

Here’s the template! Make sure you print it at 100% and verify the hole spacing before you drill!



thank you kindly Rusty


Regarding the template, I found that it didn’t quite match the frame on my BlueROV2 but was close enough that I could still use it. Probably because I have an earlier version of the frame (same as Heinz’s). The grabber’s position is a tight fit so you want your holes to be where they should be.

i drilled the holes when i initially built the ROV - the grippe will arrive this week - i hope it will fit Crossing fingers

this has been done because i do not want to completely disassemble the ROV just for these two / four holes :wink:

@paul-unterweiser - Interesting. I think the template should work regardless of how old the frame is. Was the overall scale of the print-out wrong?

@rjehangir - The template seemed a bit skewed, maybe off by 1/8" or so.

@Dpichler - I didn’t disassemble my ROV, only removed the ballast weights and made sure I didn’t catch any wires or housings when I drilled.

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I printed the template last night and I just tested the template and it is a perfect fit.
I did change the printer settings to print at 100% as Rusty suggested which was not the default setting for my printer.
Perhaps thats where the differences came from.



In our experience with old versions of the frame, the template should still line up with the flat edge of the frame, although there may be ~1/8" discrepancies between the two on the curved edges. I believe the old frames are slightly narrower on the curved sections. When the template is centered on the frame, the holes should line up properly. Is this consistent with what you’ve seen, @paul-unterweiser?

@dheideman - Yes.

I mounted the Gripper yesterday - ans there is Not really lots of Space between the battery enclosure and the gripper - or? It’s not touching each other - but it’s close - or?

@Dpichler There is not much room inside the BlueROV2’s frame for mounting the Gripper, so it ends up being a very tight fit. It should be possible to fit the Gripper without it touching either the battery enclosure or the nearest thruster, but it shouldn’t hurt either if it does.

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Thx - so I did not scale the template wrong while printing :wink:

Finally … new lumen lights and gripper installed :+1: ready to dive … or adjust the weight balance.
Question: sea / freshwater - how many weights to add / remove? :thinking:

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Just add enought weight. As long as its doesn’t sink when all is neutral.

@Dpichler Here is a picture of the underside of our most “stock” BlueROV2 Heavy:

With one weight removed the ROV is slightly negative in freshwater and slightly positive in saltwater.

Do note that the total number of weights will depend on your particular ROV setup, and that you will still need to trim the ROV as well.

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I had to add more flotation as well. I cut and machined a block BlueRobotics foam to fill the voids in the regular fairings. Works well now. I use only one weight for fresh water and two for salt water. I have extra gear and equipment that added the weight.

First successful dive after gripper & lights installation - everything works great :+1: