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Hard test of my new gripper

Hi there,
here’s the first commercial operation of my brandnew newton subsea gripper. To recover metal plates only with the gripper it needs to get a strong grip to hold them during recovery.
Thanks to the Bluerobotics-team for making such excellent equipment!

Gripper recovery test


Hi @schleitauche! Thanks for sharing! Your piloting skills are impressive :slight_smile:

@schleitauche What camera are you using on the ROV? The resolution is significantly higher than the stock BlueROV2 camera.

Hi btrue,
what exactly do you mean? The res is 1920x1080 at 25 frames/s. It’s the standard cam of the ROV (build 2017)…

@schleitauche Mine was built late last summer and the camera looks really blurry for 1080p. Your video looks extremely sharp compared to mine so I though that it’s one of those 4K camera upgrades.

I experienced that the framerate and the quality is strongly depending on the amount of ambient light that is given. The topside computer is also a weak point in video quality. I used a Dell 7220 rugged tablet and I’m quite happy with the performance and the pictures from the ROV.
But you’re right, I would expect some more quality than the pictures you have posted.

Hi @btrue, I would suggest looking at adjusting the focus of your camera a bit. That might improve quality. There’s a little screw on the side that can be loosened to adjust the lens focus. The focus in air and water is slightly different so you might have to play around a bit to get it just right.

Funny you mentioned this Rusty,
I’ve always thought things were a bit blurry. I had put that down to my aging vision!

This sounds like a bit of effort, pulling off the dome, adjusting, putting it back on, trying in water, and repeat…

Has anyone done this already, and have some advice? ie turn to the right a quarter turn???