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Seeking guidance on how the jaws work

The jaws I bought from the agent this week have just arrived. We haven’t used it yet. Our team is currently working on an underwater salvage project and wants to make a more flexible gripper, but we currently have problems with force feedback. We don’t know how to judge whether the jaws are holding something firmly. When the gripper catches something, the motor will stop under the supporting force of this thing, which is equivalent to the motor stalling. This will make the current of the motor rise to a very high level. Can it be set by judging the rise of the current? A flag bit to determine whether the gripper has caught something. Is this solution feasible? What is the current official jaw determination method?

It’s odd that it’s been 6 days and no one has replied to you…? Perhaps you should consider letting me join your team.

I use a search engine called ‘DuckDuckGo’, because google has been giving unrelated ad links and restricting images (they only want you to buy THEIR stuff). Using the search words “festo flexible gripper” i found this…

Don’t pay too much, just print your own. I suggest a https://www.amazon.com/Creality-Automatic-Leveling-Bondtech-450mmx450mmx470mm/dp/B07X2WBY1Q/ref=sr_1_7?dchild=1&keywords=creality+cr-10+s5&qid=1593019474&sr=8-7

Hi @Oddmar
This flexible material manipulator is really cool. He is indeed one of the solutions. I really want to know what his material is, whether it is silicone or TPU. Currently I have a Flashforge finder, but it can only use PLA materials. So I have no way to make this. Of course, I am also considering repurchasing a printer with a larger size and more printable materials. I wonder if you have any research on multi-joint robotic arm?

Extensive research on 6-dof robotic arms. Have a design in the works.

As for the flexible gripper, you don’t have to print Everything.

You could make it out of small cabinet hinges welded together.

Tell you what…I’ll pick up the parts tomorrow and assemble one.

On second thought, two lengths of bicycle chain with the links bridged and welded would work.
(I really need to go to bed, it’s 01:30 here…lol)
Not just the arm design, i also have designed a joystick/user interface to easily translate operator movements into ROV manipulator movement.

I’m sorry I didn’t mean to disturb you to rest, we will contact you later, this is exactly what we need, thank you very much. We are here at 14:48 and I just started my afternoon work. good night。