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Newton Gripper Broken Jaw

(Bo Vikarby) #1

Hi My gripper failed and suddenly snapped open when ascending from 20m holding a small aluminum arm with a GoPro camera attached to it. One of the gripper yaws is not strong enough to take any heavy loads. It is stronger to machine it in aluminum.

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(Christian) #2

i agree, the posibillity to have stronger… but i get confuesd here? …in the videopicture the broken “finger” is on top?.. how did this happen?

(Bo Vikarby) #3

Hi Christian

I do not know exactly how it happened. I was driving the Rov on the surface against some waves when it snapped open.

(Christian) #4

aaa ok :frowning: Understand!..hope you recoverded your camera! :slight_smile:

(Jacob) #5

Hi @Bovikarby, Please contact support@bluerobotics.com about the failure and a replacement.

(Bo Vikarby) #6

Hi Jacob I have ordered and recieved and payed for a new set of jaws some weeks ago