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New clamps for Newton gripper

New clamps with separable hook (on rope !!)


Hi @JeanBenoit - very nice! Those are clever! Have you tried to use them to recover anything yet?

Hi Rusty,
I tested them in the port to catch the mooring chains. Very easy when backing up, grab the rope and let go of the hook. Then you just have to pull the rope from the surface and catch the chain.
I have different models !!


Nice! Before we had the gripper we did something similar with a spring-loaded carabiner that would close and lock and then the ROV would pull away. It worked well! You could do the same thing here to get even more security after latching onto the target.

There’s a picture of that in this article: https://bluerobotics.com/rov-object-recovery-aquaculture/


Yes, i have one too but if you want to change your grip at the bottom it’s too late after locking !!

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How much Rusty?


I assume 3D printed? Is the code available / for sale?

@ROVoz - We used this carabiner. I’m not sure it is available anymore.

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I used sometimes

Kong Panic

# Terry Eglinton, my clamps are made with a milling machine in HDPE plates

Thanks. I might try to 3D print something similar.

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Oh, fair enough as it looked cool :+1:



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Hi All,
I have found hooks and spring loaded catches a bit of a problem if you pick something up that is too heavy and then find it almost impossible to Un-hook without an emergence release system. Do you have that built in if you open the jaws.


Hi Ricci, i catch the chain or another , i open the clamps and we go up the hook by pulling from the surface