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Rope cutting tool

(Todd Sparkes) #1

This is a great idea to use as a cutter on Blue2.

(Tim Pierce) #2

I’ll grab one of those and make a 3d printed mount for it that will bolt somewhere. My only concern would be what happens if you encounter a rope you can’t cut through. for ROV use I’d probably take the carabener finger off just so you would have the possibility of releasing the rope if you couldn’t get through it, thus not stranding your ROV for all time.

I’m also working on a rescue caribeener rope clip thingy too.

(Todd Sparkes) #3

How about a item recovery caribeener?

(Tim Pierce) #4

Yeah, it will be similar to this one, though not $200 https://www.rescueresponse.com/shop/yates-rescue-clip/