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Gripper utilities - line cutters

(Oystein Skarholm) #1

Any clever and handy persons out there who have made tooling to replace the claw yet? Like line-cutter or any other smart and handy add-ons?


Not really tooling but this might give some ideas… https://discuss.bluerobotics.com/t/attaching-a-carabiner-to-a-rope/4092

(Kelsey) #3

We have been working on a sediment sampler scoop add on that is easily changed over.
Once it’s complete ill upload some photos.

(Christian) #4

i have the plan, but havent done anything yet, looks like we can copy the “originals” with this… make the piston drive the cutter, so its a mecanical thing. …but i had oxyarc in my mind the other day for cutting, can cut whtever we want in the end there, one string is enough for a lot of steel :wink: …but you need the oxy to…?..might go with a ponybottle… a thought towards the problem that comes :wink: …the way of ROV…

(Christian) #5

…but the coolest way…a mini grinder/cutter :wink: …but also…diamond wire… roll and cut?..truster motor can do it?

(Oystein Skarholm) #6

OXY ARC needs quite some O2, a pony bottle wont bring you far. Cutting a wire or a chain may be feasible but I doubt you will be able to perform a nice cut of any length.

(Christian) #7

a Pony will bring you One string… as you have the abillity with a Bluerov2, l´ve been using oxyarc so i know the amount of oxy, the amount of cutting is beyond every battery you must use of Any cutting in difference of One string of Magnesium, it will cut about a 10 cm chain(if you can use it)… i know i have done it. if you need a bigger bottle or surfaced oxy?..so what?..can cut Everything exept Wood! ;)…easy to implement…to start it, use battery?.. simple;)…And no fingers are gone after work :wink:

(Christian) #8

…cutting is cutting…how it looks?..who cares?..haven gotten any complains yet after +10 yrs in the in the industry, get i Loose!..thats the task. if you need a Good looking cut…call DO( in Hgs.) ill do it :wink:

(Oystein Skarholm) #9

Have you tried cutting with oxyarc attached to an ROV? Even though I love the idea I am bit skeptic as you will loose the “feeling” I have been doing my share of oxyarc too after being a diver for 30years :wink: Do you work for DO ?

(Christian) #10

Nope havent tryed cutting with a ROV. but i see that it shuldnt be a biig problem… practice, but when you have it?.. se my point?:wink: ( but in my mindttravel in this idea… diamond cutter… thats easy… just need a motor and the wire going around?..can curt allmost anything? …but i dont see the big issue by cutting with oxy, just ned a manip to control your angles;) been in most but, DOF,Do, Oceaneering is primary, and IMC in Bergen…( the setup at Helge Ingstad is me who made)… got my Traninee time at Geoconsult :wink: …i built Geomasters windows on the bridge when i was 13 ;)( so iva been in the industry for a while;) …and IKM, no comment…spyr. :wink:

(Richard) #11

Have you looked at these ?
The jaw includes space to bolt on cutter blades.

(Christian) #12

yes… have seen…:wink: …nice ones :wink: do you know pricing? …

(Jacob) #13

> 1k USD

(alain durot) #14

Hello i m desing and 3d print teher and rope cutter attachment for Newton gripper

vlcsnap-2019-02-06-15h35m48s422 vlcsnap-2019-02-06-15h34m41s206 vlcsnap-2019-02-06-15h34m59s116

(Oystein Skarholm) #15

That looks very nice. Is it able to cut nylon rope as well? And if so, what diameter did you manage to cut?

(alain durot) #16

Thanks the space for cut is 14.5 mm
I think is ok for cut rope becose is able for cut tether with copper wires nylon and kevlar core
let me test now the rope i send you reply in 1 hour.

(Christian) #17

Do you sell theese?..Price?

(alain durot) #18

Hello Christian is a new prototipe 3d printed we gona print now in carbon fiber and then gona be ready for sales retail prices kit is U$200