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Gripper utilities - line cutters

(Christian) #21

…arent those fragile?..is it possible to get theese to fit?images


(Christian) #22

…i have had theese in mind from the start about ropecutting bec they have seemd to work better for soft lines… but the Thether cutter is a Must have :wink: …i just wondered if you have tryed the Stanleyknives in the cutter?..its a way stronger blade, but maby not sharp enough?


(Christian) #23

companion-f-serrated-produkt … i did weld two like this (se theblade) years ago on a small job, and it worked very well :slight_smile: … but still thats only for soft ropes.! it wont to for tether.


(alain durot) #24

Yes we can redesing for fit this blade
How many cutter do you need?


(Christian) #25

i only need one for now, but have you tried with the stanley knife?


(alain durot) #26

i desing the first one with this blade becose i have other cutter line from videoray rov and we uses this blade, and work perfect fot tether cuts.
I see other cutter lines with stanley blades but i never tried.
i gona make new desing with stanley blades and test is the result is good and of i gona let you know

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