New product wish list

BR is doing a great job continually coming out with new enhance the Blue ROV product line. I would be very interested in products which more relate to basic ROV functions such as a cutter, a sample catcher, a single function grabber, etc.
All these functions could be achieved using either a single servo or a single PWM linear actuator with interchangeable heads. Constructing an enclosure for a 2 inch linear actuator with a lip seal and a piston seal on a shaft should be a fairly easy task, using an end adapter that would accept multiple heads such as cutter, sample catcher, one function grabber could be fabricated. For the above functions two inches of movement of a linear shaft would be more than sufficient. This is a product that every Blue2 ROV would find useful.

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Hi Todd,

We are absolutely working on this type of stuff and we will have more accessories for the ROV in the future. We’d like to make generic linear and rotary actuators that can be used for these types of devices.


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Hi @canman172, we’re also working on a robotic arm, designed for the BlueROV2. You can follow the updates on the thread I started over here: