Laser Scaler / Line Cutter

Hi all,

Just putting the feelers out, how many of you would be interested in a laser scaler for the bluerov? We built one in the past using the BR lumen housing and have thought about putting them on sale to the public previously but just never got around to it.

We also designed an anvil type line cutter which attaches to the Newton gripper. We may put this out on sale to the public too.

What’s everyone’s thoughts would anyone be interested in these items being available to purchase?


Interresting, do you have pictures or a description?

Definitely interested in a laser scaler! Would also be interested in a mockup and a cost model.

We are waiting to see the results of some parts that are being manufactured. With that being said hoping to launch properly feb/mar time. DM me your email and will send over once complete.

Hey Mike, send me you email and I’ll get in touch. You can contact me on