Add-on: Cutter and SAR ROV


im looking to build a ROV form Bluerobotics to assits a submersible with a Search and Rescue Plan. Anyone has installed and can recommend me a cutter to cut small ropes and lines?

Also,if anyone has an ROV for this purpose and can share their configuration will be appreciated.

Last one: With all the add on such 4 lights, camara, grabber, sonar… How can i calculated the extra weight/ extra foam i need to add to the ROV?

thank you

Hi Adrian
This is a new version of a cutter for cables, ropes and ghost nets that I had made a few years ago based on an M200 motor. This one has the new M200 powering it and runs off one of the servo channels on the Navigator. I am intending to sell them on my website very soon. Price is USD300.


John Griffiths