Debris ROV version retracted

I have decided not to share this design.


Thank you for your input. Perhaps I didn’t explain in enough detail how the mechanisms actually work. Regardless, I have withdrawn the post. I was hoping it would inspire people to come up with their own better solutions. Perhaps, with all your experience in the matter, you could come up with a system that worked. Ideally one that would remove the debris without adding to another environmental problem by requiring a large boat to operate.

I appreciate your perspective and your points regarding the potential of the cutter to get tangled are perfectly valid. That tool was developed for another purpose and machine entirely and I stuck it on this ROV merely to get people thinking about the potential of a multi-function ROV that could tackle such a consequential issue as marine debris. Having spent six decades of my life on or under the sea with more than four decades of that in a professional capacity, I know full well it takes to get something done down there and this design is far, far from the finished article. Some of the ROVs I design and make are purely commercial and some are a purely whimsical expression of a concept that may start a process in people thinking of how they might personally contribute to a solution. The ROV I had shown here was nothing more than tentative steps in a direction I believe must be taken. To do nothing is an acceptance of the monumental impact of marine debris and colossal loss to the marine systems we all so much care about. As Voltaire said; No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking. I would like to think that applies to this global problem.
I am happy to say that within the last 24 hours, Sea Shepherd have offered warm words of support and encouragement.

In keeping with sharing solutions on this forum…This little attachment on the end of one of BRs Gripper unit has cut through everything I’ve thrown at it thus far. I found that this stainless-steel blade from a dive knife works great and lasts the longest. Throw one of these on that pricey Navy unit! :grinning:


Excellent solution. I had been thinking about embedding opposing heavy duty box cutter blades in an attachment to the grabber claws but your attachment should allow much more direct force. Are you ok for me to make a version of that?

Absolutely! Hopefully you can improve on it, and share!

that looks like it could cut some line, have you tried it on dyneema or amsteel?

Much appreciated!