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Gripper strange failure


I mounted on my ROV a gripper that I bought early 2019. I’m not using the gripper very often, but I have a strange failure since yesterday.
When i try to open or close, the gripper only works in short pulses, as if it were stalled after a quarter of a second…
I believe this is coming from the electronics board that is detecting motor stall.
Could you confirm this could be the case?
Did you have this problem before on other grippers?
Is it possible to only replace the electronic board? I would not want to change the whole gripper unit.

Hi @Seb,

How are you controlling it? Our recommended control setup uses momentary presses, which means the opening/closing action only happens while you’re holding down the respective button (e.g. you can open it a small amount with a short press, or completely with a longer hold).

The gripper does detect and stop on stalls, so if you are holding down the momentary control (or using increment/decrement or min/max control) and it’s still stopping after short pulses then it does sound like your electronics could be damaged, in which case I’d recommend you contact support@bluerobotics.com and link them to this thread, preferably also with a video of the unexpected behaviour, and an order number if you have it :slight_smile:

I believe it should be possible to replace the gripper electronics if need be, but our support team can give more detail on the available options.

I control it with a Pixhawk and the “servo_3_min_momentary” and “servo_3_max_momentary” functions in QGC. This was working perfectly until 2 days ago.

Ok. Assuming you haven’t changed your autopilot firmware or QGC since then it seems like the electronics are indeed likely to be damaged, so I’d recommend you contact the support email as outlined above :slight_smile:

Ok thanks, I’ll see what they advice me to do… :slightly_smiling_face: