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Lights flashing in sea water


I put my BlueRov2 Hard Config. in sea water for the first time, and its four lights began to flash weakly. They were turned off. When I turned them on, they flashed strongly, like loosing contact. Worried, I came back home and did another dive in the swimming pool and then, everything worked normally, as always. I saw no sign of leakage.
What could have happened?

(Marcos Anselmo) #2

We have done a lot of tests in swimmingpoll and sea water.
The 4 Lumen Subsea Lights in swimmingpoll works perfectly, but in sea water they do not work well.
Please, see videos in https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ak5U2EjK4yRpivMurF53QNO6W9tV1w.
When the lights are OFF and some joystick command is acioned the lights flashes.
When the lights are ON and some joystick command is acioned the lights flashes strongly and go out.
Does anyone know what could be happening?

(Kevin) #3

@Gleiber @marcos.anselmo We’ll discuss internally on Monday and get back to your e-mail. We aren’t quite sure right now.