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Low cost DVL for subsea navigation and merge with INS

(Anthony DiMare) #1

Hello - I’ve looked for low-cost DVL solutions to merge into an INS for an AUV mapping project. Curious if there is a project out there I haven’t found, or a group of people that are looking to bring something to market?

Open source solutions don’t seem to have anything on it. Large corps have extremely costly solutions. Is there anything in the hobby/light industry space that’s pushing some of the big players out?



(Jacob) #2

Hi @projectseabed, nothing out there yet to my knowledge. Let us know if you find something!


(Anthony DiMare) #3

@jwalser thanks for the addition here. Are there any other clever sensors that could serve the same sort of correction to underwater position? Particularly anything that uses cheap sensors.

Thanks for any input!


(Jacob) #4

You might be able to DIY something rudimentary with the ping echosounder: https://www.bluerobotics.com/store/sensors-sonars-cameras/sonar/ping-sonar-r2-rp/

As far as getting an absolute position underwater the most affordable off the shelf option is the Water Linked system.

See also: ROV and AUV Localization an Introduction


(Anthony DiMare) #5

@jwalser thanks so much for providing the information.

The Water-Linked System is not an option for the system I’m working on. So far - my research shows that the only way to get any sort of accurate undersea positioning is with a DVL. Of course - you’re already aware of the financial challenges.

I’d be interested to see if making some sort of addition to ArduSub open source software would gather the right people and current top-talent to work on making a low-cost DVL with some off the shelf components (like your SBES).

For efforts working to map the ocean, I think this is a needed advancement to do it at scale and make enough vehicles to do it.

Initial thoughts?
My mind wanders to finding an echosounder that is powerful (and energy efficient enough) to do this :frowning:

Do you guys know anyone else who’s looking into this?

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