Loss of depth hold mode

Hello @EliotBR ,

One of my client is having issues with depth hold mode.

It appears to be working fine and then it kicks the pitch downwards and then thrust up all the way to the surface. If the pilot catches it on time he can put in manual mode and back in depth hold mode.
Its like the ROV thinks its sinking but the depth is correct and everything else seems to be working fine.


Getting these errors in BlueOS

Any idea what is causing this and how to fix it?


We are experiencing the same issue with one of our ROVs, Navigator and Pi4, non-heavy config, latest stable Ardusub FW and latest beta BlueOS.

It is also combined with something similar to this thread - Pitch/Roll drift

Tried parameter reset and recalibration, can’t see anything weird in the logs. In manual mode all normal, but in stabilise mode seems sluggish and in depth-hold we have roll drift and super rapid random ascent or descent on forward or aft movements.

Hoping for a fix soon.