Looking for a valid solution for solving QGroundControl crashing issue

I been reading the topics about QGC trashing over all. But i am still not really sure how to fix it in general at this point. The problem occurs to me on both WIN8 and WIN10 frequently.

     If anyone fixed this problem already, please share some ideas. 


Can you please explain more about your crashes on Windows 10? Does it happen when you click a button? Does an error message appear?

We do not support Windows 8.


The Qground keep prompting that the shortcut is no longer exist or removed every time i install v3.2.4 rev6.
therefore practically the program isnt able to run.

Hi there,

I reinstalled the qground.exe for updated version and seem like its not working well.
having error message.

Hi Chin,

Can you full uninstall QGroundControl and install our last version again ?
If the problem persist, can you send a print screen ?

Hi Patrick,

i got it resolve for now, its due to the Quoted “unknown source” from file Qground program preventing from running through my system guarded by my anti virus.

Moving forward, how can blueROV prevent this?


Hi Chin,

QGroundControl is a Open Source project that doesn’t have digital sign certification, probably that’s why your antivirus want to block it.

Maybe such certification can be done, but we don’t have plans for that now.

Thanks for your reply.
cya around again.