Qground control error in the windows 11


i got this error image from qgroundcontrol.
is there anyone who know about this ?

Hi @himhan3455, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

As specified in the error message, if you’re already running QGroundControl then it won’t allow you to open another instance at the same time. That can occur if you try to open QGroundControl twice (e.g. if you try to open again when it’s slow to open the first time), or if you try to open it after a previous version failed to close properly.

In the first case you can just dismiss the message, because you should only need one instance anyway. In the second case you may need to search for QGroundControl processes in the task manager and stop/kill them so you can open it normally, or just restart your computer.

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thanks it helped me a lot.
it was a os problem, i formated the os,
so i could solve this problem thanks!

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hi @himhan3455 I have the same issue you had - i’m running an Ionico x64 PC with windows 11. I’ve removed and reinstalled QGC but still says i have a secodn version open. cant understand it. how did you fix? cheers

Hi Daniel. i solved it thorough reinstalling the windows 10. after that the program went well.
have a nice day ! cheers

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