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Listing in Depth Hold or Stabilize flight mode

Hi @williangalvani

Just wondering if you have had a chance to review the log file and have any suggestions on what could be causing these issues?


Hi @Ben1,

I’m sorry for the delay. Your sensor or sensor wiring seem to be the issue.
This is how the altitude looks from a healthy sensor:

And this is what yours currently looks like:

That is why I asked if you have anything not stock. That could be generating noise in the i2c line.

I’d check the connections to the bar30 and if there is any potential noise source close to the wires.
If you have an i2c splitter in the ROV, I’d test without it, as longer wires are bad for i2c comms.

Hi @williangalvani

I’ll double check the wiring today for the BAR30.
Our Blue ROV2 is stock from BR and the software has been updated only with the stable release. We have added the Newton gripper and Ping360 sonar following the BR guides.

With that, what components within the electronics tube could potentially generate the noise seen in the i2c line?


I’d be more concerned about the power module. The ESCs wires to the motors could be an issue too.

Also double check the connectors and the potting in the bar30 for bad connections and (partially) broken wires

We are experiencing a similar issue when in depth hold on a BL300 ROV. This seems to be the best place to put this question but please relocate if appropriate. Consistently either the Forward Vertical thrusters or Starboard Vertical thrusters will cease spinning at all and the vehicle will begin to slowly pitch or roll as the other thrusters try to correct. No problems when in manual control. All software updated, thruster direction checked. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.