Is Deep Trekker supported by ArduSub?


For my school project I need to make an interface with ArduSub and in my previous topic I asked if this was possible. Sadly we apparently don’t have a BlueROV2 at all. Instead we have Deep Trekker DTG3 Underwater ROV. Is this device supported by ArduSub? All I can currently find is how Deep Trekker user Bridge Technology.

Thanks, sorry for the inconvinience.

Hi @Mina,

ArduSub is an open-source autopilot firmware that can control ROVs. Blue Robotics are the main developers and supporters of it, but other companies and people are welcome to contribute to it and/or use it as they see fit. Accordingly, it’s not so much a question of “does ArduSub support Deep Trekker’s ROVs?” as it is “do Deep Trekker use ArduSub in their ROVs?”.

I had a look on Deep Trekker’s website, and in their page on BRIDGE technology there’s a video, where they say

That sounds like they’re using their own custom stuff for most if not all of their products. I also couldn’t find any mention of ArduSub on their website, so if their autopilot firmware happens to use it (or a modified version) then that’s not something they’re stating openly. That means that if you’re wanting to make a custom interface to their equipment you’ll likely need to contact Deep Trekker directly, to ask about whether that’s possible and if so what the relevant communication protocols are.

If it turns out they’re using mavlink for telemetry/controls and a standard form of video streaming then the advice I gave in your previous post likely still applies for the most part, and you’re very welcome to continue discussing that and other relevant topics here if you want to. If instead they’re using a proprietary protocol then they may not want to share that with you, in which case you’d likely need to adjust your project somewhat.

Note that from a software perspective it’s also possible to simulate an ArduSub device using SITL, so technically you could do interface development without even requiring any hardware, although understandably that might be a bit less exciting than getting to play with an actual robot. It does provide the benefit of being able to test things quickly though, which is always a bonus :slight_smile: