Input hold and shift function

I am using an xbox one controller and can engage input hold by pushing right joystick directly down but do not know how to disengage it. Also is there a shift function key for this type of controller?

To turn input hold off, center the joysticks and press the input hold button (set the input hold to hold zero input).

If it still says ‘engaged’ in the telemetry value, this is because the joysticks are not centering perfectly, and the threshold is pretty low. This is a problem we have noticed since the last update, and you can track the changes in this area here:

The xbox one controller has never centred properly when looking at the joystick page,even from brand new but has never affected the use of rov. So I would suggest that more leeway will be needed for this brand of controller. I did test a brand new xbox one controller my friend bought yesterday and it is as bad as mine for centering. Could be just an issue with this brand of controllers tolerances.