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How to start building a custom frame configuration


I am new to the Ardusub system and I know the answer to my question might be in the documentation but I could not find it

my question, how can I start to build my own custom frame configuration on the Ardusub firmware


Ok maybe I couldn’t explain my question very well but what I meant is far away from what you have written.

I just need a link or the lead that can give me the starting point I don’t need anyone to explain it to me in detail

Thank you


Hi Jacob,

I’ve been trying to build a custom frame using the guide and the notes on having 4_9 version of the compiler. Evidently I’m doing something wrong because I cannot get a custom configuration to work and I keep getting errors on missing parameters, mostly for the battery and voltage parts. I’m getting a build from the development version, 3.7.2 or something. I’m not very experienced at building from source. When I install the stable version via the, everything seems to work, but I don’t have the custom frame that I want. Can you give me some guidance? I’m trying to build it on an imac as that is my most comfortable platform. I’ve edited the AP_Motors6DOF.cpp file to add my values to the custom config. However when I compile, even if I have put in the CUSTOM in the parameters file, no custom config shows up. I’m at a loss for what to do to make it work.

Thanks for your help if you can give me some.



Im having the same problem…
Did you find our the solution ?

Please use ArduSub-stable instead, the docs were just updated.
Also make sure you update gcc to version 6 as explained there.

Missing parameters for the battery and voltage possibly mean that you don’t have voltage monitoring properly set up (this page is also different in QGC 4.0, the docs will be updated soon).

Jacob helped me.

After following the instructions for building the new configuration in the software, that is, making frame configuration changes in the configuration files for compiling the software and then compiling, I was able to upload the software to the pixhawk.

I had done that several times but it didn’t seem to work. BUT: I had compiled it correctly.

What I didn’t realize that once it is loaded in the pixhawk you have to go into the parameters screen for frame configuration, and there is a non-obvious setting for frame configuration. You may have to enable extended parameters. Anyway, in the frame configuration parameter section you will find a selection at the very bottom (iirc) where you can select “CUSTOM” and if you do that, then your frame configuration will be enabled. It won’t show as a 6 motor configuration, or whatever, but just “CUSTOM”.

I hope this helps. I was frustrated in that I thought it would show up as a 6 motor config or something like that, but no, just CUSTOM.

You have to add the configuration in the build files before compiling the firmware, then it will be available as a custom selection in the parameters screen of the flight controller.You have to enable extended parameter selection to see it.

That is what worked for me, I think. I had gone through the compiling sequence several times and didn’t think it worked. But I didn’t understand the way I had to select it in the parameters screen.

Hope this helps.


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@draemr thank you for reporting this! I opened an issue to track this.

I’ll likely be working heavily on our docs these next few days, so I expect this to be fixed by the end of the next week.

Hi guys,
I just updated our docs to make things clearer.

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