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Changeing Frame Config/ Uploading ArduSub


(Ian Switzer) #1

Hey Im a little new to blue rov but I am currently attempting to upload new ardusub code to my pixhawk in order to change my “frame configuration”. This is a parameter which exists in ArduSub but doesn’t in the default code.

I downloaded the basic ardusub code and attempted to upload it. Unfortunately, I now have an error message that says it is missing (I think) all of the necessary parameters, and has a different set.

Most importantly its missing things such as the flight configuration.

If anyone could help me figure this out it would be great. I can re-flash the basic bluerov2 firmware and make it work again but I want to be able to modify the firmware.

Its obvious I’m missing something basic.

(TCIII) #2

Is your ROV a BlueROV2 or a custom design?

(Ian Switzer) #3

Frame is custom, everything else is blue rov2.

(k.deboer) #4

Did you upload the parms file? You vcan follow the link from the Ardusub page.


(Ian Switzer) #5

Yes I tried that. It just creates a whole list of “ignored” parameters.

Essentially whatever I uploaded (should have been the master of ardusub) wasn’t the same format as what came on the blue rov2.

I replaced that with the 3.5 branch of ardusub and it works exactly like the default firmware.

However, it appears the devs hadn’t added the “frame configuration” in version 3.5.

Anyone have any idea how to make a more recent version work?

My next step is to just modify the 3.5 version and write my only implimentation of a custom frame. Doesn’t seem like that would be too hard.

(Jacob) #6

Hi Ian,

You need to use a recent build of QGC with ArduSub 3.5:


We are working towards an announcement with instructions on updating to ArduSub 3.5.


(Ian Switzer) #7

Thanks this has solved my situation.

However you should know that pulling from the companion github breaks the tether’s connection’s startup. The MAVProxy doesnt start.

It also deletes the codes such as the tether based firmware download. This is particularly annoying as the first step of setting that up is “pull from the github”.

(Jacob) #8

Hi Ian, these instructions (on ardusub.com) went out of date just a few days ago. I’ve just now updated that page by removing the out of date information. We are reworking companion, and a new image will need to be put on your SD card, I’ll PM you some instructions on how to fix it up.


(Ian Switzer) #9

Thank you you’ve been very helpful.

(Mike Tall) #10


Do you guys have insight to what the different parameters below mean?

Roll Factor Pitch Factor Yaw Factor Throttle Factor Forward Factor Lateral Factor Testing Order

For example, I have a custom frame where one vertical thruster is near the center of buoyancy (CB) and the other vertical thruster is much farther away from the CB.

I uploaded a custom frame, where I put the pitch factor for the motor close to CB = 0.7 and the one farther away = 1.0, with throttle factor for both = 1.0. My thought was that the one farther away contributed to pitch more than the one closer…

As the custom frame dives down, it pitches up quite a bit.

I tried to do some searching for explanation on what those parameters actually mean, but I didn’t come up with much, so I figured I’d ask it here.



(Jacob) #11

These are factors for each motor’s contribution to movement on the specified axis when spinning in the forward direction. You have the right idea. Perhaps you have gotten the wrong sign on the pitch factor, or you need to check the motor directions on the motor testing page.

(Mike Tall) #12

I see, so closer to the CB would = a smaller number since it contributes less to the change in pitch?

What does the throttle factor mean?

(Jacob) #13


Throtte = ascend or ‘up’