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Vectored thruster orientation

Hi everyone. Iv been looking at the thruster configuration for the new chasing m2 ROV. Its really interesting. I’m sure Iv seen that type of design in this forum before but can’t seem to find the vehicle it was on.
The design looks really stable and pretty fun to fly.
My question is. With 8 thrusters vectored in the configuration of the chasing m2, Would you get the same amount of thrust in the fwd, reverse, lateral movements as you would with the standard 4 vectored thruster configuration?

I’ve seen that design a few times too from Boxfish Research and RJE Oceanbotics so its not a new design.

Boxfish Research:

RJE Oceanbotics SRV-8:


Its an interesting frame design for sure! I think the only downside is that it isn’t inherently stable, so the gyro and control system really has to be spot on. The M2 configuration appears to be more similar to the Boxfish frame with the thruster arrangement. The thrusters are opposite on the SRV-8, I don’t think it matters.

As for the thrust question, one of us would have to do some vectored thrust calculations, but I think it would be equivalent to the standard 4-thruster vectored configuration.

I’d be interested to see if anyone makes up a custom frame design based on ArduSub!

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for the reply. Im sure some one will try it with a Blue Rov at some point. will be interesting to see how it handles.